About Us

About Us

Our journey initiated in the grand year of 2016 with the mission of helping the humanity with the healing medicines. We work to bring relief and ease to the critically-ill and suffering of the ailing patients under the brand name of “Darmaan Pharma LLP”. Our company deals in the domain of General Medicine products ranging from Antibiotics, Painkillers to Personal Care Products like Sanitary Napkins and Diapers.

Since we are dealing in the area of Human health and medicines, our main concerns remain focused on the research and development of the medicines, new patents in the field of medicines and latest technical advancements in the field of medicine manufacturing and packaging. The general Medicines are supplied in domestic as well as foreign markets to the major Hospitals, Government PHCs & CHCs, Central Hospitals and the Dispensaries operated by the public or private Trusts.

As they are prepared strictly abiding the international quality control standards and within hundred per cent controlled hygienic environments, our medicine prove effective and bearing desired healing and preventing effects on the ailment symptoms.

Through providing the pure and good product, we are running a mission of healthy society and healthy nation. To reach our products to all the citizens and needy patients we have our well planned and well developed supply channels and marketing strategies; as a result of it our products are easily available at every nooks and corners, smaller or mega sized medical stores of all the small villages to the mega cities.

In all these efforts of doing business, we have never overlooked our moral responsibilities; we know majority of India still lives with the middle or lower middle class status. The price cognitive people, for them the medical expenses are unplanned and unexpected ones, and so we have always kept the prices most competitive and affordable to all.

As per the law of thumb, no mission leaps and bounces without any visionary leadership; acumen and entrepreneurship skills of the founder. For DARMAAN PHARMA LLP, Mr. ManjurMohd. Gandhi is the incarnation of hard work and epitome of vast visions under whose able leadership the company has progressed and prospered as one of the leading players in the medical sector.

Sometimes in the medical sector, certain medicinal accessories are more significant than the medicines themselves. We have seen that the most vulnerable status is that of women and small infants. DARMAAN PHARMA LLP undertook the challenge and initiated the efforts of expansion in the direction of manufacturing the sanitary napkins and diaper pads. Here also we are competing with the leading multinational players. But our commitments for providing the international brand quality at the price rates of local manufacturers have kept us ahead in the race.

To pour in the medicines market and other medical products matching the international quality norms at prices most affordable to the poorest and needy sections of the society. 

To be in the front row of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and to reign the market of medical sector with the range of most reliable product.