Product Description :

This species is a short, tender perennial shrub growing 35–75 cm (14–30 in) tall. Tomentose branches extend radially from a central stem. Leaves are dull green, elliptic, usually up to 10–12 cm (4 to 5 in) long. The flowers are small, green and bell-shaped. The ripe fruit is orange-red.

Benefits & Uses:

  • It’s an ancient medicinal herb.
    • It can reduce blood sugar levels.
    • It has anti-cancer properties.
    • It can reduce cortisol levels.
    • It reduces stress and anxiety.
    • It reduces symptoms of depression.
    • It boosts testosterone and increase fertility in men.
    • It increases muscle mass and strength.
    • It reduces inflammation.
    • It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.
    • It improves brain function, including memory.

Scope of Application:

Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food & Beverages Industries.